Random Thoughts, 13 January 2017

No one will ever write a definitive history about 2016. Those who lived it don't want to remember and those who didn't won't believe it. As intellectual as we pretend to be, at heart, all humans are animals and survival is our first priority. Whenever I come home and find someone parked in one of … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 13 January 2017

Random Thoughts, 16 December 2015

   Creating a to do list is often one of the things I never have time to do. I wonder if Rhonda ever got around to helping that guy. If the grammar checker in Word is indicative of the current state of technology, we have nothing to fear from Skynet. I must confess, I originally … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 16 December 2015

Random Thoughts, 9 December 2014

If the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans are connected, why are they considered three different oceans? I think a better term for rush hour would be sitting in traffic wasting time and fuel hour. Giving GI Joe kung-fu grip probably wasn't as earth-shattering as it once seemed. I wonder what the six million dollar man … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 9 December 2014

Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014

Pumpkin spice is essentially nutmeg. Why is it no one's ever made a movie out of School House Rock? It turns out that the tenth rule of Fight Club is that the loser must spring for crackers and cheese whiz. I wonder what it would take to actually shock a monkey? Why is it always … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014

Random Thoughts, 26 August 2014

I never liked the Honeymooners.  If I wanted to watch a working class  couple arguing all the time, I'd have spent more time with my parents. When rich people are above everyone else, there's only one thing that likely to come trickling down. The extremists using the name Tea Party are an insult to all … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 26 August 2014

Random Thoughts, 19 August 2014

If the original Terminator had been set in 2014, Skynet could have easily located Sarah Connor on FourSquare.I wonder why there's never been a Bigfoot siting in Miami.For the past few years, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been using as its theme song Sweet Home Alabama. Let that sink in for a minute.I'm willing to bet … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 19 August 2014