I Want to be Elected

The three-ring circus that is the republican campaign for president points out just how ridiculous our elections have become. Anyone with enough money can toss his or her hat into the ring and the media concentrates on the spectacle rather than substantive issues affecting our country. Candidates run to stoke their own egos rather than … Continue reading I Want to be Elected

Guidelines for Writing, First Draft 

   I have recently been considering a set of guidelines for writers and have come up with an initial set of principles, listed below. These are by no means comprehensive and will continue to expand and evolve as time goes on, but provide a basis for further discussion. I welcome comments, inquiries, and constructive criticism. … Continue reading Guidelines for Writing, First Draft 

Junk Shop, Chamblee, GA, 16 October 2015

I pass this shop all the time and enjoy seeing the variety of interesting items on the lawn. I've always thought, if I ever have a house, I'd like to bring some of the larger items home to jazz up the outdoors. What yard would be complete without a giant chicken. It's not the Big … Continue reading Junk Shop, Chamblee, GA, 16 October 2015

Free Will

  A central tenet at the heart of many philosophies and religions is the notion of free will and how much it guides our daily existence. Are we free to choose our own course in life, or have our lives been written ahead of time by some unseen heavenly entity and we are merely following … Continue reading Free Will

An Egret Fishing at Myrtle Beach, 10 October 2015

There was an egret fishing in this little inlet created when the tide rolled out Saturday morning. It started out in one section on the northern side of the pedestrian bridge, but flew away without catching anything. Possibly the same egret showed up several minutes later, downstream from where it was first seen. I zoomed … Continue reading An Egret Fishing at Myrtle Beach, 10 October 2015

Flock of Seagulls, Three Different Views

Three separate videos featuring seagulls from Myrtle Beach, 9 October 2015. Up first, a lone seagull walks with steely determination to nowhere in particular. Next three to five seagulls peck around in a puddle left over from high tide. Finally, a seagull frenzy as birds fly in an out and shuffle all around.