High Ceilings, Atlanta, GA, 30 January 2015

I went to the High Museum this afternoon to check out the exhibit by Janet Cardiff, entitled The Forty Part Motet, which has been extended through February 15, 2015. While there, I took the opportunity to photograph some of the interior of the exhibit rooms. The nice thing about being inside the High Museum is … Continue reading High Ceilings, Atlanta, GA, 30 January 2015

When Josie Comes Home

We don't know who she is. We don't know where she is, or why. We don't know when, or if she's coming back, and we don't really know how the narrator truly feels about her. Thus, the enduring mystery of Josie, the title character of the final track of Steely Dan's iconic album Aja. The … Continue reading When Josie Comes Home