Survival Game

The human race is the only species I’m aware of that’s actively committing suicide. We know we’re having a detrimental effect on the planet and no one seems to care.

Much of the population is unconcerned with the welfare of the planet because they’re more focused on exploiting it for material wealth, or on accruing points for the next world. What happens on Earth that doesn’t further one of those goals is of no consequence to them.

The problem, as always, is too many people. We’re overtaxing the resources and expecting the Earth to simply bend to our will. The Earth was here long before we showed up and will be here, in some form, long after we’re gone. I don’t believe we can destroy the Earth beyond its capacity to repair itself, but we can damage it to the point we can’t live here anymore and that’s something that should concern us all.

The stakes are too high for apathy. Once the rain forests and other pristine locations are gone there’s no turning back. When we exhaust the resources of this planet, we won’t be able to just hop into a spaceship and go somewhere else. The Universe will not be as accommodating to us.

Humanity will have signed its own death warrant.

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