Random Thoughts, 9 December 2014

If the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans are connected, why are they considered three different oceans?

I think a better term for rush hour would be sitting in traffic wasting time and fuel hour.

Giving GI Joe kung-fu grip probably wasn’t as earth-shattering as it once seemed.

I wonder what the six million dollar man would go for in today’s market.

Haven’t most of the people in Almost Famous gotten famous?

Qualifying one’s statements by declaring, “I’m not insane” is one of the first indications one is insane.

If the media just keeps repeating the same story over and over, can it really be called news?

I think we’d have better turnout for elections, if the polling centers opened at midnight and offered special door-buster deals on politicians.

I fully support drug testing for corporate welfare recipients.

I don’t know why people are surprised when Ted Nugent says something outrageous. He is, after all, the Motor City Madman.

Someone once asked me if I’d miss Friends when it went off the air, and my reply was that I miss it every time it’s on.

I tried some plain yogurt and now I understand why they put fruit in it.

Just once, I’d like to see a kid’s Santa photo where the kid is laughing and Santa is crying.

It’s really discouraging how much they’ve commercialized Black Friday.

Everything real is fake again.

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