Worthy, Part 43

The venue for the band Neil found is called T.J. Bailey's and it's a few blocks off the square in Decatur. It's patterned after a cozy neighborhood bar, but seems way too polished for the traditional, lived in feel they're aiming to achieve. Leah and the Caines are there, along with a moderate crowd of … Continue reading Worthy, Part 43

Worthy, Part 39

Abigail is lying on the bed in her room at the Caine residence. Toward the end of the previous week, Alyssa invited Abigail and Genevieve out to her house to hear what Steven concluded regarding custody of the embryos in deep freeze in Massachusetts. At that time, Alyssa offered to let Abigail and Genevieve stay … Continue reading Worthy, Part 39

Worthy, Part 37

Abigail and Genevieve enter their motel room and drop their bags near the table. At lunch, they ran into Leah and Alyssa, and after a rather contentious conversation, they confessed to why they are here. "Well that didn't go quite how I expected it would," Genevieve says. "Why did you have to bring up Tim? … Continue reading Worthy, Part 37

Worthy, Part 36

Abigail sits outside at Starbuck's near Colony Square in Atlanta, awaiting word from Genevieve, who's making her first visit to Leah Walker, the woman they've ascertained is Genevieve's biological mother. The previous day, Abigail went by and just missed seeing Leah, who'd left for a meeting shortly before Abigail dropped in. Her phone rings. "Contact … Continue reading Worthy, Part 36

Worthy, Part 35

The following morning, after hitting the continental buffet, where they load up on pastries and coffee, Abigail and Genevieve station themselves back in their room and start plotting out how they'll spend their time. "When should I drop in on Bio-Mom?" Genevieve asks. "I think you should go by Vital Records first. Pull the info … Continue reading Worthy, Part 35

Worthy, Part 33

Genevieve is set to graduate June 14, and their trip to Atlanta is scheduled for the following Saturday. Neither of them is quite prepared to face the reality that, for Genevieve, it will most likely be a one-way trip. While Abigail will be happy to see Genevieve attending a good school, she doesn't relish the … Continue reading Worthy, Part 33