Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014

Pumpkin spice is essentially nutmeg.

Why is it no one’s ever made a movie out of School House Rock?

It turns out that the tenth rule of Fight Club is that the loser must spring for crackers and cheese whiz.

I wonder what it would take to actually shock a monkey?

Why is it always Katie’s responsibility to bar the door?

The trouble with a lot of new television shows is that all the effort goes into the pilot.

What, exactly, is the South going to do again?

A house is really just a large box in which to store people.

Here’s hoping no one steals my naked pictures off iCloud. The neighbors would be really embarrassed.

Drinking is an activity one must constantly practice to stay in top form.

I don’t condone road rage, but I sure as hell understand it.

Imagine if Dorothy had not followed the yellow brick road and decided to settle down in Munchkinland, preferring it to Kansas. She might have married a munchkin, maybe even the mayor. Nope, she made the right choice.

If I were to write a song like My City was Gone, about Atlanta, I’d have to reissue it about once every five or six years.

Back in the 90s, when people would complain about spam, others would wave dismissively and say, “Just delete it.” I wonder how those folks feel now?

How do I know I’m not Keyser Sose?

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