Real Bible Studies: The Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth presents us with the charming story of a dedicated daughter-in-law, which contains a serious message about a horrible practice in ancient Israel. Some of the commentary I've read suggests Ruth was written in the Second Temple period when Israelite men were being pressured by the authorities returning from exile in Babylon … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: The Book of Ruth

Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014

Pumpkin spice is essentially nutmeg. Why is it no one's ever made a movie out of School House Rock? It turns out that the tenth rule of Fight Club is that the loser must spring for crackers and cheese whiz. I wonder what it would take to actually shock a monkey? Why is it always … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014

Office Politics: Nelson Cabot

Nelson Cabot was an obscure man, living an obscure life, in an obscure section of Northeast Atlanta. A man of certain habits, he arose each morning at five-o-clock sharp, prepared the same breakfast of toast, poached eggs, ham, and coffee, and shaved, showered, and dressed with the same military regularity he'd practiced since his stint … Continue reading Office Politics: Nelson Cabot