Dunkirk Estates 

   Howard stares out his upstairs window at his neighbor, Zack, washing his car. Zack is at least sixty-five or seventy, Howard guesses, since all he knows about Zack is that he's retired, and is wearing no shirt as he applies wax to the car's exterior and buffs it. Howard shakes his head as he … Continue reading Dunkirk Estates 

A Guide for Handling Assassins from the Future

Note: This article appears in an updated version in my essay collection The Cheese Toast Project, available in print from online bookstores, and in print and Kindle at Amazon. While it cannot be definitively proven that the future has already happened, we can be certain that the future will arrive at some point, and with … Continue reading A Guide for Handling Assassins from the Future

Random Thoughts, 26 August 2014

I never liked the Honeymooners.  If I wanted to watch a working class  couple arguing all the time, I'd have spent more time with my parents. When rich people are above everyone else, there's only one thing that likely to come trickling down. The extremists using the name Tea Party are an insult to all … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 26 August 2014

Force of Habit

I'm normally a creature of habit; I buy fruit and don't eat it; I always set the alarm clock earlier than I should, then hit the snooze button until I feel like getting up; I always buy the same brand of toothpaste, even if there are deals on other brands. This behavior on my part … Continue reading Force of Habit

Random Thoughts, 19 August 2014

If the original Terminator had been set in 2014, Skynet could have easily located Sarah Connor on FourSquare.I wonder why there's never been a Bigfoot siting in Miami.For the past few years, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been using as its theme song Sweet Home Alabama. Let that sink in for a minute.I'm willing to bet … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 19 August 2014

Random Thoughts, 14 August 2014

There really should be a television show called The Walking Dude, about Atlanta being terrorized by Jeff Bridges in a bathrobe. Can anything match the disappointment kids feel when they discover it's not the Leaning Tower of Pizza, or the Specific Ocean. Sometimes, I'm reluctant to leave my house because I'm afraid that the rhythm … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 14 August 2014