Random Thoughts, 19 August 2014

If the original Terminator had been set in 2014, Skynet could have easily located Sarah Connor on FourSquare.

I wonder why there’s never been a Bigfoot siting in Miami.

For the past few years, Kentucky Fried Chicken has been using as its theme song Sweet Home Alabama. Let that sink in for a minute.

I’m willing to bet at least half the current members of Congress couldn’t pass the Citizenship test naturalized Americans must take. If that bothers anyone other than me, remember to vote in November.

Mark my words, when our canine overlords arise, we’ll be the ones wearing the stupid antlers in holiday photos.

One must wonder how American music might sound today had Buddy Holly lived.

We should only elect wrestlers to high office, and then our laws could be determined by steel cage matches.

If the Jack Links Beef Jerky ads are to be believed, use of their product will lead to being assaulted by a cryptozoological creature.

By the time one says, “The future is now” it’s no longer the future.

The Borg from Star Trek get a bad rap, but I’m willing to bet they had reasonably comprehensive medical coverage.

Judging by the metaphor, there must have been a time when cat skinning was rather commonplace.

I wonder how many times someone in America exercises his or her right to chicken done right.

I think the first requirement for being allowed to run for office should be a basic familiarity with the laws one is pledging to uphold.

Just think, an entire generation has grown up without ever having to use a rotary dial phone. I can’t imagine any reason why that’s a bad thing.

If there’s only one catch, why is it Catch-22?

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