Worthy, Part 23

As Abigail nears graduation, she becomes more apprehensive about her plans for afterward. She's all but completely decided she'll head back to Seattle, and there's a genetics lab there which she interviewed with at a career fair who's expressed an interest in having her work for them. She does not look forward to leaving behind … Continue reading Worthy, Part 23

Trumpland Trumpland Uber Alles

In an article posted to this blog in November of 2015, I outlined how Donald Trump could become the 45th President of the United States. At that time, he was one of sixteen Republican candidates, most of whom had better qualifications, organizations, and support from the party than him. Now, he's the Republican nominee and … Continue reading Trumpland Trumpland Uber Alles

Real Bible Studies: Kings & Chronicles 

Nowhere is the piecemeal nature of the Bible more evident than in the books detailing the kings of Israel and Judah from the time of David's ascension to the time Babylon sacks Jerusalem and burns the temple. Kings and Chronicles are each broken up into two books, but according to sources, in the Hebrew Bible, … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: Kings & Chronicles