Random Thoughts, 16 December 2015

The Vortex, Little Five Points
Exterior of The Vortex, Little Five Points, 12 December 2015

Creating a to do list is often one of the things I never have time to do.

I wonder if Rhonda ever got around to helping that guy.

If the grammar checker in Word is indicative of the current state of technology, we have nothing to fear from Skynet.

I must confess, I originally thought The Walking Dead was a dramatization of the adventures of Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia after their van broke down on tour.

I wonder if people are surprised by the ending of Death of a Salesman.

We should all strive to lead the kind of lives that would cause Westboro Baptist Church to want to protest at our funerals.

I sort of liked the maverick businessman presidential candidate the first time around, when we called him Ross Perot.

Cortana from Microsoft makes me very glad I don’t have pod bay doors that need opening,

Why is the Death Star the iconic image from Star Wars. Didn’t it get blown up?

Just think, if those people on the Titanic had guns, that iceberg never would have stood a chance.

Do people golf in the Gulf?

I have to believe that if Jim Morrison was alive today, he’d probably be wondering why someone buried him. 

Keeping an eye out for motorcyclists on the highway is a lot easier when they’re not zipping in and out of traffic at seventy or eighty miles an hour. 

I really hope no one steals my naked pictures from iCloud. The neighbors would be so embarrassed.

If the members of Aerosmith were to open a Chinese restaurant, would they call it Wok This Way?

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