The Non-Intervening God 

My god, my god, why have you forsaken me? --Psalms 22, quoted by Jesus on the cross. Many years ago, I turned away from organized religion. It was not an easy decision on my part, and learning to live with that decision has been an ongoing process in my life ever since. When people speak … Continue reading The Non-Intervening God 

Not a Love Song: The Tragedy of Juliet

Shakespeare's best known tragedy is the story of two star-crossed lovers, who, in death, end their families' conflict. Despite being hailed as a great romance, Romeo and Juliet is, in no way, a love story, but very much about individual responsibility and the consequences of making decisions in the heat of passion. Romeo is very … Continue reading Not a Love Song: The Tragedy of Juliet

The Carvings on Stone Mountain, #5

This time, I'm highlighting a couple of individuals who came all the way from Indiana to carve their names on the mountain, Clida A. Reed, and Isaac Hawkins, who list their hometown as Bedford, Indiana. These carvings can be found near the top of the mountain. To find them, veer to the left at the … Continue reading The Carvings on Stone Mountain, #5

Failing, to Succeed 

I have a saying, "Hank Aaron didn't hit a home run every time." It's my way of reminding myself that for every success, there are a thousand less than perfect outcomes. In fact, failure is much more common than success. The term "trial and error" best sums up the practice of implementing a strategy, observing … Continue reading Failing, to Succeed 

Birds! Various Dates

Re-posting a couple of my favorite bird videos, plus one I don't think I've posted in this blog before. Enjoy! Pigeon, Brookhaven MARTA Station, Brookhaven, GA, 27 September 2012 Egret, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 11 October 2014 Geese, Stone Mountain, GA, 23 April 2011  

A Streetcar Named Delusion 

This essay is available in an updated version in Words Words Words, available at online vendors. A Streetcar Named Desire is heralded as one of the greatest theatrical works of the twentieth century and is one of the best known and most performed works by Tennessee Williams. It sets up a classic confrontation, the flamboyant … Continue reading A Streetcar Named Delusion 

Freedom and Consequence Free Promotion (Ended)!

Note: This promotion has ended, but if people still would like to purchase the Kindle version of Freedom and Consequence, follow the link.Fifteen stories about people facing difficult choices, or dealing with the consequences of choices made. Just as every action has a reaction, every decision comes with a consequence. How will these people learn to … Continue reading Freedom and Consequence Free Promotion (Ended)!