Zebra Finch, Chamblee, GA, July, 2016

While walking around Century Center in Chamblee Monday, I encountered an odd looking little bird I'd never seen before. Investigation on the Internet uncovered that it's a male zebra finch, which is not native to North America, but the species has been introduced, possibly as pets or for research. I'm not sure how this one … Continue reading Zebra Finch, Chamblee, GA, July, 2016

Break the Chains 

How far removed are we from segregation in this country? On the day I was born in Atlanta, it was not possible for blacks and whites to eat in the same restaurant. That changed a few months later, so segregation was a reality within my lifetime. People of different races could not marry in most … Continue reading Break the Chains 

Worthy, Part 20

After Rhiannon is released from the hospital, Abigail sets her mother up with a room in her apartment. Rhiannon is suffering mobility issues, some lack of function in her right arm and hand, and has difficulty walking without a cane. In addition to classes, Abigail undertakes the responsibility of seeing that Rhiannon gets to her … Continue reading Worthy, Part 20

Great Blue Heron, Chamblee, GA (Photos & Video)

There's been a Great Blue Heron visiting a pond near where I work and I've had the opportunity to get some video and photos of it. I haven't seen it the past few times I went over there this week, but one's been dropping in there on occasion for a few years, so I'm sure … Continue reading Great Blue Heron, Chamblee, GA (Photos & Video)