All Seeing

Conceptions of God are constantly in flux, which is what yields so many different religions. In Lake Woebegone Days, Garrison Keillor humorously describes numerous disputes among church congregations over the interpretation of scripture which lead to factions developing which cause the congregations to split. Baptists and Methodists primarily disagree over the method of baptism, and … Continue reading All Seeing

Worthy, Part 13

As their time with Jillian continues, she gets progressively more inebriated. This leads to more sarcasm and vitriol toward her father. Abigail begins to wonder exactly what the point of it is. Neil hasn't contributed much to the conversation, occasionally affirming some fact Jillian provides or deflecting some insult. An hour or so after they … Continue reading Worthy, Part 13

Worthy, Part 10

Abigail and Neil are seated in the reception area of Professor Grant's office. Daniel enters and approaches the receptionist. He glances at the name plate. "Hello, Stella, I'm Dr. Hawkins. Professor Grant should have called you." "Yes, Dr. Hawkins, but I'm not Stella. She's out sick. I'm Daisy." "I see. Well, Daisy, Professor Grant said … Continue reading Worthy, Part 10