G. M. Lupo Press Kit

These titles are available in paperback and eBook from most online vendors (links below). Signed hardcover editions can be purchased directly from the author for $20 (includes shipping; payment via PayPal). Please include shipping address with payment.

Atlanta Stories: Fables of the New South. Eight stories of people in Atlanta, Georgia, who’ve come looking for personal transformations, from the 1980s through the end of the millennium.

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Hear an excerpt from Dead Man’s Hat.


Rebecca, Too. Alyssa Caine wakes up from a car accident claiming to be Rebecca Asher. Her estranged sister, Leah Walker, sets out to learn all she can about Rebecca to find out why and bring Alyssa back.


Words Words Words. A collection of essays, poems, and stories spanning four decades of writing.


Atlanta Stories: Reconstruction. Nine stories set in Atlanta, Georgia featuring characters undergoing personal transformations. All must examine their choices and, in some instances, confront personal demons to rise from the ashes and move forward.