The Spitting Spiders of Borneo

In the pantheon of colorful characters, few could match Andy's uncle Calvin. A world traveler, Calvin would show up at family reunions every few years, full of stories of the odd cultures, and creatures he'd encountered in some distant land. This made him a perpetual favorite among the kids, and almost as soon as he … Continue reading The Spitting Spiders of Borneo

Pardon me, I seem to have lost my pants

One might think that a naked man walking down Peachtree Street in the afternoon would be easy to spot, but Doyle Pendergast wasn't the typical naked man. He strode along with confidence, almost daring anyone to call him out. He made eye contact, greeted those who bothered to notice him with a boisterous, "Howdy!" If … Continue reading Pardon me, I seem to have lost my pants

The Old Mill

This is from a series of stories I wrote, involving a character from The Long-Timer Chronicles. Tangie Carson hoists the camera onto her right shoulder and peers through the viewfinder at the reporter, Megan Wilson, standing in front of the old mill. She's already taken several minutes of footage of the mill itself from different … Continue reading The Old Mill