Worthy, Part 20

After Rhiannon is released from the hospital, Abigail sets her mother up with a room in her apartment. Rhiannon is suffering mobility issues, some lack of function in her right arm and hand, and has difficulty walking without a cane. In addition to classes, Abigail undertakes the responsibility of seeing that Rhiannon gets to her … Continue reading Worthy, Part 20

Worthy, Part 16

Friday afternoon, Abigail goes to the Hyatt, where Jillian's conference is being held. Numerous participants are milling around the lobby in groups of varying size. A short while after she arrives, Abigail notes that an attractive, dark-haired woman in a light silk top and dark slacks has fixed her gaze on Abigail and heads toward … Continue reading Worthy, Part 16

Worthy, Part 15

When Rhiannon and Genevieve arrive, Abigail takes them by the rehearsal hall, where Neil's working on a new number for the band. After the introductions, Neil asks Genevieve, "Can you play a didgeridoo?" "A what?" Genevieve says. "It's an aboriginal instrument from Australia." "Why are you asking her about this?" Abigail says.  "I want to … Continue reading Worthy, Part 15

Worthy, Part 13

As their time with Jillian continues, she gets progressively more inebriated. This leads to more sarcasm and vitriol toward her father. Abigail begins to wonder exactly what the point of it is. Neil hasn't contributed much to the conversation, occasionally affirming some fact Jillian provides or deflecting some insult. An hour or so after they … Continue reading Worthy, Part 13