Worthy, Abigail & Jillian

Late Thursday morning, Abigail goes to the Hyatt, where Jillian's conference is being held. Numerous participants are milling around the lobby in groups of varying size. An attractive, dark-haired woman in a light silk top and dark slacks takes note of Abigail and heads toward her. “Abigail?” “Yes. You must be Jillian.” Jillian scrutinizes her … Continue reading Worthy, Abigail & Jillian

Worthy, Rhiannon & Abigail

Rhiannon Worthy sits on the couch in the living room, her carryall beside the coffee table and its contents spread out before her on the table. There’s a letter, addressed to her daughter Abigail from the Oregon Health and Sciences University, accepting her for studies there, and a large notebook opened to photos of a … Continue reading Worthy, Rhiannon & Abigail

Worthy, Part 26

A few months after starting with BioGen Labs, Abigail gets permission to conduct a small project investigating her family's DNA heritage, in particular the female side. She's noted the prevalence of cancer in her mother's family and wants to see if she can isolate the markers for it. Kyle agrees, as long as it does … Continue reading Worthy, Part 26

Worthy, Part 23

As Abigail nears graduation, she becomes more apprehensive about her plans for afterward. She's all but completely decided she'll head back to Seattle, and there's a genetics lab there which she interviewed with at a career fair who's expressed an interest in having her work for them. She does not look forward to leaving behind … Continue reading Worthy, Part 23