Worthy, Part 16


Friday afternoon, Abigail goes to the Hyatt, where Jillian’s conference is being held. Numerous participants are milling around the lobby in groups of varying size. A short while after she arrives, Abigail notes that an attractive, dark-haired woman in a light silk top and dark slacks has fixed her gaze on Abigail and heads toward her.

“You’re not going to say hello?” the woman says to her.

It takes Abigail a moment to realize it’s Jillian.

“Jillian?” Abigail says, looking Jillian over. “You really do clean up good.”

“Oh yeah, I guess I wasn’t at my best when you saw me before.”

She puts up her hands and spins.

“This is me in full conference regalia. Polly Pill-Pusher herself.”

“So what do you want to do?”

“Since you don’t have the kid in tow, let’s hit the club I was telling you about. I’ll introduce you to queer Portland.”

“I’m not totally naive, you know.”

“What, campus LGBT stuff? Let me tell you there’s a whole other world out there to explore. Who knows? We might get lucky.”

“Lucky? What about Trudy?”

“Okay, you might get lucky and I’ll get lucky vicariously. Come on. Live a little.”

“By the way, my mother and cousin are meeting us at the restaurant, later.”

“You don’t say. I’ve never met one of the other women before,” Jillian says. “This should be interesting.”

“Do not start with my mother,” Abigail says. “She will out crazy you.”

“A challenge.”

“I’m serious.”

Jillian rolls her eyes.

“Okay, okay. I can’t promise to be on my best behavior but I’ll try.”

“You’ll have all three of us to contend with if you don’t.”

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