Worthy, Part 14


Abigail is having lunch by herself in the cafeteria and studying for her midterm exams. Her mother and cousin are expected later that evening, so she’s hoping to get most of her studying done before they arrive. Her phone rings and she answers and is greeted by a surprising voice.

“Hey. It’s Jillian.”

“Jillian? Why are you calling me?”

“I’m going to be in Portland and wanted to see if we could hang out.”

“You want to hang out with me.”

“Okay, look, Trudy got on my case after our initial meeting and said I should try to bond with you. I’m somewhat skeptical myself, but I’m willing to give it a try.”

“Trudy suggested this.”

“Actually, she kind of insisted.”

“In other words, you’re not getting any until you do this.”

“Total freeze out.”

“When are you here?”

“End of the week. I have a pharmaceutical conference I’m attending so I’ll be there through the weekend.”

“I don’t know. My mom and cousin are going to be in town and I want to spend time with them.”

“Okay, no bars then. I do know an all-ages women’s club downtown.”

“I don’t want to take them to a lesbian club.”

“You haven’t told them?”

“Mom just sort of figured it out but I haven’t brought it up with Genevieve.”

“She’s going to find out sooner or later.”

“I’d rather it not be this weekend. At least, not like that.”

“Suit yourself. Okay, look, you’re probably going to be out at night, so what about the afternoon? I can always ditch out on one of these seminars and meet you for drinks somewhere.”

“That could work. They’re going to be doing some sightseeing while I’m in class, Thursday and Friday, so we’ll hook up in the early evening.”

“Perfect. I’ll be at the Hyatt. I’ll ring you up when I get in.”

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