Real Bible Studies: Genesis, Abraham and Abimelek 

After the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the bible is pretty much done with Lot and his nameless daughters, until their descendants, the Moabites and Ammonites start hassling the tribes of Israel many generations later. One wonders why Lot didn't just drop in on his uncle, given the special relationship Abraham seems to have with … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: Genesis, Abraham and Abimelek 

Minds of Their Own

Many years ago, when I was in high school, I saw a film talking about Ibsen's A Doll's House, which contained a quote from Ibsen on why Nora leaves at the end. While I don't recall the exact quote, he essentially said that once he knew the character, he knew leaving was her only course … Continue reading Minds of Their Own

Rebecca, Too, Synopsis and Characters

Synopsis Within a month of losing her father, Alyssa Caine is in a serious car accident which leaves her in a coma for several days. Upon awakening, she claims she’s Rebecca Asher and insists on seeing her brother Steven. Alyssa knows enough details about Rebecca’s life to suggest the two knew one another, but neither … Continue reading Rebecca, Too, Synopsis and Characters

Double Fault

Glenn Harmon was a tennis fan who had developed an unhealthy obsession with Serena Williams and had even gone so far as to look up her e-mail address on the Internet. Unfortunately, the Serena Williams whose address he found was not the world-class tennis player, but a college sophomore at FSU, from Columbus, GA. To … Continue reading Double Fault