Worthy, Part 24


Abigail and Lauren go out for a lovely evening of dinner followed by a concert. While she tries to relax and enjoy herself, Abigail can’t get her mind off the talk she knows she’ll be having with Lauren when they get back to her place. She only hopes she’s done a good job of hiding from Lauren that she has something on her mind. Lauren never brings it up and seems to be having a nice time. Which is why Abigail is caught off guard by Lauren’s first words as they arrive back at Lauren’s place. 

“We need to talk,” Lauren says in a matter of fact way, as though it’s obvious.

“We do?”

“Don’t we? Your body language has been screaming it all night.”

“Oh, sorry. I was hoping it wasn’t obvious.”

“Well, you’re graduating in two weeks, so my guess is that it’s connected.”

“I’ve decided I want to move back to Seattle after I graduate.”

“I see. That really doesn’t surprise me.”

“But that leaves the question of what happens with us.”

“Yes, us. What are your thoughts?”

“It would be an awfully long distance relationship. It could be done, I suppose.”

“If it helps, in all honesty, I’ve never imagined us growing old together.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“It’s weird how many times I’ve anticipated this conversation.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve never been fully committed to this relationship and you know it.”

“I really do care about you,” Abigail says.

“I know,” Lauren replies, “I care about you, too, but that’s not love. We have a lot of fun together. That’s it.”

“I do enjoy our time together, but—”

“You’re not here. When I invited you to move in and you had to think about it. That’s when I knew. I’m ready for something full-time and you’re not.”

Lauren puts her arm around Abigail. “The fact that you had no trouble coming to your decision to head back home tells you the status of our relationship. If we were destined to be together, we’d have had this conversation months ago, before you decided on your own what you wanted.”

“You’re right.”

They sit for a long moment without speaking.

“Is this the point where I leave and go cry in my car?” Abigail says.

Lauren laughs.

“You don’t have to leave,” Lauren says. “I think I can put up with you for a few more weeks.” 

Abigail leans against her and puts her head on Lauren’s shoulder.

“If it means anything, you’ll always be my first,” Abigail says.

“It means a lot. So tell me what you’re planning to do once you get home.”

They remain on the couch, talking, for the rest of the night.

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