Worthy 51, The Phone Call

Rhiannon Worthy enters her home in Seattle, Washington, and slips out of her Crocs, then pads across the living room, sorting through her mail. She's been on a 48-hour rotation at the hospital, where she's a nursing supervisor, and she's looking forward to some down time. It's been a week since her daughter, Abigail and … Continue reading Worthy 51, The Phone Call

Worthy, Part 33

Genevieve is set to graduate June 14, and their trip to Atlanta is scheduled for the following Saturday. Neither of them is quite prepared to face the reality that, for Genevieve, it will most likely be a one-way trip. While Abigail will be happy to see Genevieve attending a good school, she doesn't relish the … Continue reading Worthy, Part 33

Worthy, Part 34

The cousins arrive in Atlanta late afternoon on Saturday and take public transportation to Ponce de Leon, where Abigail has found a motel that won't strain their budget too much. Arriving there, Genevieve says of the accommodations, "I can live with it, I guess." "You'll appreciate this place more once you see how much we … Continue reading Worthy, Part 34

Worthy, Part 32

The company where Abigail works handles all the genetic processing for FamilyFind DNA, which allows people to research their genetic heritage in addition to developing their family trees and connecting with matches. She proposes that Genevieve set up an account with them, so she can transfer her results for comparison with their database, which Genevieve … Continue reading Worthy, Part 32

Worthy, Part 30

Abigail has finished processing Genevieve's DNA results, and today she's analyzing them. She immediately sees something's gone wrong. "This can't be right," she says to herself. She looks up to see her supervisor enter. "Hey Kyle, I need you to verify some results," Abigail says. "Something you can't verify yourself?" "I just want a second … Continue reading Worthy, Part 30

Worthy, Part 29

Rosalind dies in early January, 2013. Despite Rhiannon and Abigail's offers to take care of arrangements, Genevieve insists on handling these herself. She alerts the few friends Rosalind had in Seattle, and members of the family who live nearby. Rosalind's wish was to be cremated and disposed of as Genevieve sees fit. She does not … Continue reading Worthy, Part 29

Worthy, Part 28

Abigail receives a call from her aunt Rosalind, requesting a meeting that afternoon. Rosalind has just completed her latest treatment for cancer and sounds a bit subdued on the phone, but assures Abigail she's doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Rhiannon has been keeping Abigail up-to-date on the course of treatment … Continue reading Worthy, Part 28

Worthy, Part 27

Several weeks after her appointment with her doctor, Rosalind lets Rhiannon and Abigail know she's been diagnosed with stomach cancer, which has spread. She's chosen to treat it aggressively, so while she's undergoing treatment, Genevieve stays with Abigail. Ever since the Duchards moved in with Abigail and her mother when Abigail was thirteen, she's come … Continue reading Worthy, Part 27

Worthy, Part 26

A few months after starting with BioGen Labs, Abigail gets permission to conduct a small project investigating her family's DNA heritage, in particular the female side. She's noted the prevalence of cancer in her mother's family and wants to see if she can isolate the markers for it. Kyle agrees, as long as it does … Continue reading Worthy, Part 26