Worthy, Zelda Burch

Early in Abigail’s sophomore year, a local church starts distributing anti-gay literature and holding protests near campus. Her friend Delores is very angry and insists their LGBTQ group organize counterprotests and confront the parishioners head-on. Abigail is among those who want to take a less confrontational stand against the church. After several discussions among their … Continue reading Worthy, Zelda Burch

Communication Breakdown 

  The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.  --Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google The Internet was once solely the province of academics and researchers; universities communicating with the governmental and military facilities that financed their research; and … Continue reading Communication Breakdown 

Coat of Arms, Ambrose Lupo and Sons

This is a graphic representation of the coat of arms issued to Ambrose Lupo (posthumously) and his sons, Peter and Joseph. Numerous copies are floating around the Internet, mistakenly identified as the Lupo family coat of arms, many with no attribution and some with erroneous information about how it originated. Here's the actual story. The … Continue reading Coat of Arms, Ambrose Lupo and Sons

Fifteen Resolutions for 2015

This year, I resolve to: Exercise my right to chicken done right Stop paying too much for car insurance by not having car insurance Cut down on the time I spend spying on my neighbors Remind myself again why I needed a Master's degree Adjust my attitude so that my boring and nowhere job is … Continue reading Fifteen Resolutions for 2015

Random Thoughts, 9 December 2014

If the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans are connected, why are they considered three different oceans? I think a better term for rush hour would be sitting in traffic wasting time and fuel hour. Giving GI Joe kung-fu grip probably wasn't as earth-shattering as it once seemed. I wonder what the six million dollar man … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 9 December 2014

Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014

Pumpkin spice is essentially nutmeg. Why is it no one's ever made a movie out of School House Rock? It turns out that the tenth rule of Fight Club is that the loser must spring for crackers and cheese whiz. I wonder what it would take to actually shock a monkey? Why is it always … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014