Freedom and Consequence Now Available for Kindle

Freedom and Consequence is now available in Kindle format! Fifteen stories about people facing difficult choices or dealing with the consequences of choices made. Just as every action has a reaction, every decision has a consequence. How will these people deal with those consequences. Available in paperback, Kindle, and as a Kindle Matchbook selection!

Kurt Vonnegut and Romanticism

The problem with rapid advances in society and technology is that often we're so concerned with answering the question, can we, that we forget to ask, should we. This question is much more difficult to answer, and in the rush to develop the next big breakthrough, people raising legitimate concerns are often drowned out in … Continue reading Kurt Vonnegut and Romanticism

Fifteen Resolutions for 2015

This year, I resolve to: Exercise my right to chicken done right Stop paying too much for car insurance by not having car insurance Cut down on the time I spend spying on my neighbors Remind myself again why I needed a Master's degree Adjust my attitude so that my boring and nowhere job is … Continue reading Fifteen Resolutions for 2015

Random Thoughts, 9 December 2014

If the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans are connected, why are they considered three different oceans? I think a better term for rush hour would be sitting in traffic wasting time and fuel hour. Giving GI Joe kung-fu grip probably wasn't as earth-shattering as it once seemed. I wonder what the six million dollar man … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 9 December 2014

A Guide for Handling Assassins from the Future

Note: This article appears in an updated version in my essay collection The Cheese Toast Project, available in print from online bookstores, and in print and Kindle at Amazon. While it cannot be definitively proven that the future has already happened, we can be certain that the future will arrive at some point, and with … Continue reading A Guide for Handling Assassins from the Future

Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014

Pumpkin spice is essentially nutmeg. Why is it no one's ever made a movie out of School House Rock? It turns out that the tenth rule of Fight Club is that the loser must spring for crackers and cheese whiz. I wonder what it would take to actually shock a monkey? Why is it always … Continue reading Random Thoughts, 26 September 2014