Freedom and Consequence Now Available for Kindle

Freedom and Consequence is now available in Kindle format! Fifteen stories about people facing difficult choices or dealing with the consequences of choices made. Just as every action has a reaction, every decision has a consequence. How will these people deal with those consequences. Available in paperback, Kindle, and as a Kindle Matchbook selection!

Genealogy and Writing

Genealogy is a process akin to assembling a massive jigsaw puzzle that has pieces scattered across multiple locations and times, some of which cannot be found, and with no indication of the picture that's to be assembled. The more pertinent facts one has the better, because that can help establish who an ancestor was, and … Continue reading Genealogy and Writing

Lower Manhattan, circa 1988

Of all the photos I took of the Twin Towers while I lived in New York this is the only one I've digitized, and consequently, the only one I can find at the moment. This was taken around 1988, while I was visiting, attempting to get into the Graduate Creative Writing program at NYU. I'd … Continue reading Lower Manhattan, circa 1988

NYC, Danielle

This is a snippet from a work in progress about David Cairo (pronounced "kay-ro" like the town in Georgia), the protagonist in a trilogy I'm working on, set mostly in Atlanta. Danielle Perkins could not understand the discontent that often gripped her. She had, to the best of her knowledge, the life she always thought … Continue reading NYC, Danielle