Songbird: Rebecca and Alyssa

10 June 2017: Mason Mill Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

Rebecca is seated in the living room chatting with Alyssa Walker, a friend she met during Spring Break in 1999. They haven’t seen one another since, until that afternoon when they ran into each other at Lenox Mall. They’ve been catching up between classic films Rebecca has been playing at Alyssa’s request.

“So, what are you writing about these days?” Alyssa asks. “I’m sorry to say I don’t really follow Creative Loafing anymore. I definitely would have recognized your name.”

“These days, I’m obsessed with a very puzzling story.”

“Can you share any details?”

“No big secret, really. I’m working on unraveling the mysterious disappearance of Shayna Banks and whatever part her manager played in it.”

“Shayna Banks? We met her once.”

“We did? When?”

“In Florida. She was that singer in the coffee shop when we first met.”

“No. That wasn’t Shayna.”

“Yeah, I know. Her real name was Amy, but one of her CDs was by Shayna Banks and I asked her about it. She said she sometimes recorded under that name.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Oh definitely. I recall her entire set, actually.” She taps her head. “Georgia Archives, remember. I bought us both CDs.”

“Yes, you did. There’s one way to find out.” Rebecca rummages through her CD collection until she finds the two albums by Amy and sorted with them is an EP by Shayna Banks. “Here they are.” She looks at the recording credits on back. “CC Belmonte.” To Alyssa she says, “Amy Yarborough is Shayna Banks.”

“You didn’t know it’s the same person? I mean, they don’t sound that much alike, so I guess it’s easy to forget but I figured you’d remember her. You really liked her singing.”

“Amy has a great voice. I do remember that. This explains a hell of a lot, actually.”

“Personally, I’m surprised more people don’t realize it. I guess it’s because Amy isn’t recording much these days. Her style is a lot different than when she’s Shayna, I guess.”

“Yes. It is. Now I feel like an idiot. I was certain Amy did something to Shayna.”

“Well, you’re sort of right.”

“Sounds like, once again, I owe someone an apology.”

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