Worthy, Zelda Burch

Early in Abigail’s sophomore year, a local church starts distributing anti-gay literature and holding protests near campus. Her friend Delores is very angry and insists their LGBTQ group organize counterprotests and confront the parishioners head-on. Abigail is among those who want to take a less confrontational stand against the church. After several discussions among their … Continue reading Worthy, Zelda Burch

Author’s Intent: Expanded Universe

My Expanded Universe of Fictional Atlanta came about when I realized a character I created for a play I was writing in 2011 was the same individual maligned by the lead character in a novel I had shelved around 2000. That novel, Boom Town, featured a character named David Cairo (pronounced “kay-ro” like the Georgia … Continue reading Author’s Intent: Expanded Universe

Worthy, Rosalind and Barbara

Barbara Kincaid has always looked up to her cousin, Rosalind. When she first arrived in Boston, when Barbara was eight or nine, Rosalind was an exotic presence, a West Coast relative who didn’t seem like anyone Barbara had ever met before. In fact, Rosalind was all anyone in the family could talk about. She was … Continue reading Worthy, Rosalind and Barbara

Real Bible Studies: Matthew 12

Picking Grain on the Sabbath As the chapter opens, Yeshua is under scrutiny from the Pharisees for allowing his disciples to pluck grain on the Sabbath. Yeshua doesn’t apologize, but rather turns it back onto his opponents by reminding them of an incident involving David and stating Temple officials also violate the Sabbath. For the … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: Matthew 12

Real Bible Studies: Matthew 9-10

Tax Collectors and Sinners Yeshua returns to Capernaum, where the crowd brings out a paralyzed man. Yeshua is quick to forgive his sins, which raises charges of blasphemy from the scribes. To counter this, Yeshua tells the man to rise, take up his bed and walk, which the individual does, astounding the crowd. Afterward, we’re … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: Matthew 9-10

The Longtimers: Roman Holiday, Isabella

23 March 2019: East Point, Georgia. Isabella Fox hurries through the corridors of the convent where she has spent most of her adult life, now nearing a hundred and fifty years. She received an urgent message from the Mother Superior as she was at her morning prayers, stating she was needed. The Sisters are all … Continue reading The Longtimers: Roman Holiday, Isabella