Songbird: Rebecca and Alyssa

10 June 2017: Mason Mill Park, Atlanta, Georgia. Rebecca is seated in the living room chatting with Alyssa Walker, a friend she met during Spring Break in 1999. They haven’t seen one another since, until that afternoon when they ran into each other at Lenox Mall. They’ve been catching up between classic films Rebecca has … Continue reading Songbird: Rebecca and Alyssa

Rebecca, Too, Synopsis and Characters

Synopsis Within a month of losing her father, Alyssa Caine is in a serious car accident which leaves her in a coma for several days. Upon awakening, she claims she’s Rebecca Asher and insists on seeing her brother Steven. Alyssa knows enough details about Rebecca’s life to suggest the two knew one another, but neither … Continue reading Rebecca, Too, Synopsis and Characters

Double Fault

Glenn Harmon was a tennis fan who had developed an unhealthy obsession with Serena Williams and had even gone so far as to look up her e-mail address on the Internet. Unfortunately, the Serena Williams whose address he found was not the world-class tennis player, but a college sophomore at FSU, from Columbus, GA. To … Continue reading Double Fault