Worthy, Abigail’s Dream

Abigail is lying in bed but she’s not alone. Someone is lying next to her, facing her, but Abigail can’t see who it is. She runs her hand over the other person’s body. It’s smooth, warm, soft — a woman. The woman caresses Abigail’s face, then gives her a deep, passionate kiss.

“Tell me your name,” Abigail says.

“You don’t know me yet, but I’m waiting for you. One day, we’ll sing together.”

The dream is interrupted when Rhiannon, steps into Abigail’s room.

“Rise and shine, Kiddo. Portland isn’t getting any closer,” Rhiannon says and exits.

Abigail sits up and grabs her journal, and writes down every detail of the dream, though she knows she’ll never forget it. It’s a dream she’s had before. Abigail has never seen the other woman’s face, but she knows this person exists and waits for her somewhere.

She gets out of bed and begins preparing for a trip she knows she doesn’t want to take.

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