Expanded Universe, Bickering Plummet

Every universe needs a monolithic, ethically questionable, multinational corporation, and the Expanded Universe has Bickering Plummet. So far, it has been mentioned as an employer in several stories and my play Another Mother, but it’s the go-to corporate employer in Fictional Atlanta, and will play a significant part in future stories. Loosely based on places I’ve worked, it’s a very amorphous company, with ties to just about every industry imaginable, including aerospace, automotive, textiles, and government services.

In an introductory sketch in Freedom and Consequence, I stated that the parent company, Bickering Textiles, was founded during Reconstruction by William Wordsworth Bickering, a carpetbagger who served as an aide de camp for General Sherman during the Atlanta Campaign, though this history is suppressed by the company in official documents to this day. It underwent several growth spurts before merging with Plummet Industries, an automotive manufacturer based in Quebec. The current president is Clayton Plantagenet Bickering, an amiable but unassuming leader who’s the great-grandson of the founder.

Bickering Plummet was among the companies whose websites were hacked by Leah Walker to advertise her Internet security skills, and they subsequently hired her, and she sometimes subcontracts under them. David Cairo goes to work there as a web developer before starting his own company and helps Brian Sanger find a job there, just before the Olympics. Roscoe Delahunt from Atomic Punk also works there as a contractor after the company merges with Cairo Industries early in the 21st Century. A novel in progress, tentatively titled Office Politics, is set at Bickering. Abigail Worthy, from Another Mother gets a job there when she comes to Atlanta, and her cousin, Genevieve, has a particular beef with the company, but is friendly with Mr. Bickering.

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