In a Restaurant

The cook smiles at an entering guest, taking short orders all the while. Two policemen sit, enjoying their coffee, dismissing thoughts of outside crimes. A young man orders a burger to go. He'll soon hitch a ride to another town. I sit back and watch as the rain outside makes rings in tiny pools of … Continue reading In a Restaurant

Bickering Plummet, An Introduction

Bickering Plummet, Inc. is a vast, multinational corporation based in Atlanta. Its business touches nearly every sector of the economy, manufacturing, distribution, consulting, and government contracting, and it has major offices on nearly every continent. William Wordsworth Bickering, founder of Bickering Textiles, the parent of Bickering Plummet, was born 29 November 1840 in Springfield, Ohio. … Continue reading Bickering Plummet, An Introduction

Oscar Wilde

I can't recall exactly when I first discovered Oscar Wilde's preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray, but I cannot think of a single piece of writing that's had more of an impact on my development as a writer. I have yet to find a more concise set of principles on art in general, and … Continue reading Oscar Wilde


Usually between March and October, I like to get out to Stone Mountain and take long walks as often as possible, usually early Saturday and Sunday morning. The scenery is gorgeous and ever-changing, with the Dogwoods blooming in March and April to the Yellow Daisies in September. There's always something neat to photograph. Here's some … Continue reading Flowers