Total Eclipse of the Hart

On my first visit to Stone Mountain this year, I encountered an entire herd of deer, at least seven or eight individuals, with more probably lurking in the woods. They were somewhat off the path, along the five-mile walking trail that circles the mountain. I encountered them about halfway between the two and two and … Continue reading Total Eclipse of the Hart

The Carvings on Stone Mountain, #7

Cedonia & Brice Browder 8-1916 In 1920, closest to the date of the carving, Cedonia F. Browder, age twelve and her brother Brice, age eight, are found in the household of George M. Browder, age thirty-one, and his wife Dell A. age thirty-four. Both Cedonia and Brice are identified as "Meyer" instead of Browder and … Continue reading The Carvings on Stone Mountain, #7

The Carvings on Stone Mountain, #6

Alice Campbell, 1912 This carving is located near the top of the rails to the left as one is ascending the mountain, underneath one of the rock formations. Alice Campbell, age 21, is listed in the household of her father, William P. Campbell in Stone Mountain on the 1910 census. In the same household is … Continue reading The Carvings on Stone Mountain, #6

Spider and Web, Stone Mountain, GA, 20 September 2015

Sunday, 20 September 2015, I took a walk along the Cherokee Trail at Stone Mountain. Along the way, I noted an impressive spiderweb and went over to examine it. I discovered the spider was still hard at work on the web and captured the following video.