Rain Maker

Leah Walker is seated in the reception area of the office of David Cairo, the leading venture capitalist in Atlanta. She’s been working as an independent contractor with firms around town, starting a few months after finishing up work on her second doctorate, which she earned from Georgia Tech, in Internet and Web Security. To … Continue reading Rain Maker

Working for a Living 

I've often been told I need to be more proactive, particularly at work, but on the job, I tend to be the opposite, waiting for something to happen, then reacting to it. So far, this strategy has served me well throughout my professional career, while those who counseled me otherwise are no longer around. Admittedly, … Continue reading Working for a Living 

Atlanta After Dark, The Goat Farm, 12 March 2015

I had occasion to visit The Goat Farm on 12 March to see Klimchak perform CooksNotes, his show that combines music with cooking. The music and the food were excellent. While there, I took a few photos of the surrounding buildings. For those not familiar with The Goat Farm, it's a creative complex in a … Continue reading Atlanta After Dark, The Goat Farm, 12 March 2015