Reconstructing a Family: Laban Lupo of Robeson County, NC

In putting together a genealogy, knowing who isn't part of a given family is almost as important as knowing who is. In the case of the Lupos in Virginia and the Carolinas, the exasperating naming conventions make it very difficult to identify who belongs where. Between 1780 and 1820 there were at least four men … Continue reading Reconstructing a Family: Laban Lupo of Robeson County, NC

The Old Mill

This is from a series of stories I wrote, involving a character from The Long-Timer Chronicles. Tangie Carson hoists the camera onto her right shoulder and peers through the viewfinder at the reporter, Megan Wilson, standing in front of the old mill. She's already taken several minutes of footage of the mill itself from different … Continue reading The Old Mill

Hilarity Clinton: My Discovery of Usenet in the 90s

Before Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even the vast Web itself, there was Usenet, where anyone, anywhere, could post whatever was on his or her mind, and millions around the globe had the option of reading it or forever blocking the person posting. It was in this free-wheeling environment where I once again found a sense … Continue reading Hilarity Clinton: My Discovery of Usenet in the 90s

The Lupos and Shakespeare

Note: This article has been updated and expanded in my essay collection The Cheese Toast Project, available in print from online bookstores, and in print and Kindle at Amazon. My earliest known ancestor, Ambrose Lupo, was brought to England as part of an ensemble of string players around May of 1540 by Henry VIII. Some … Continue reading The Lupos and Shakespeare

Excerpt from “Crazy Like the Foxes”

This is an excerpt from my novel The Long-Timer Chronicles: Crazy Like the Foxes, available in print and Kindle format at Charles and Renee Fox, a couple who've been married for more than eleven hundred years, are the main protagonists of Crazy Like the Foxes.Roland Fox had every opportunity to make something of his … Continue reading Excerpt from “Crazy Like the Foxes”