Why the Democrats Lost

Not everyone was surprised by the outcome of the election as the news media claims. Since the election began back in mid-2015, one name has clearly dominated the headlines and the commentary and the debates over candidates. To turn around now and act surprised is the height of hypocrisy for the national press, since they've … Continue reading Why the Democrats Lost

President Trump

Back in the 1990s, on his show TV Nation, Michael Moore urged voters to nominate a ficus tree as a candidate in local elections. His point was that a tree would be as responsive to voters' needs as many of the candidates. The sad part is people took him up on the offer and actually … Continue reading President Trump

Hilarity Clinton: My Discovery of Usenet in the 90s

Before Facebook, Twitter, Google, and even the vast Web itself, there was Usenet, where anyone, anywhere, could post whatever was on his or her mind, and millions around the globe had the option of reading it or forever blocking the person posting. It was in this free-wheeling environment where I once again found a sense … Continue reading Hilarity Clinton: My Discovery of Usenet in the 90s