Worthy, Leah & Genevieve at MIT

After their meeting with Barbara, Genevieve asks Leah if they can stop by the cemetery where Jean-Claude’s remains are to see about having Rosalind’s ashes interred there. After speaking to the staff, they decide to have an impromptu memorial service for her the following Tuesday. Leah gets a hotel room for them and sends out emails to as many of her contacts who are still in the area as she can recall. One insists on meeting with them Thursday evening.

“She wants to get together tonight?” Genevieve asks. “Why not tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow night won’t work for her,” Leah says. She shows Genevieve the email.

“Ah. I get it.”

That evening , they head to a kosher pizza place just outside Cambridge where they find Esther Gershon waiting for them.

“Dr. Walker,” she says when she sees Leah.

“Dr. Gershon,” Leah says as they hug. “Do you know Genevieve?”

“Yeah, as a kid. You’re all grown up now. Sorry to hear about Rosie.”

“Thanks,” Genevieve says. “Nice to see you again.”

Looking between them, Esther says, “Finally, my questions are answered. I always wondered how Rosie ended up with a kid so quickly.” To Genevieve, “It’s probably by the slimmest of chances you don’t look like me.”

“Wait, you knew?” Leah asks.

“I suspected,” Esther says. “Rosie wouldn’t tell me anything, but I knew her history. Of course, I have no idea how complicated this must have been.”

“Complicated is an understatement,” Genevieve says.

“The devil is always in the details, isn’t it?” Esther says. She leans toward Genevieve. “You should probably cover your ears, kid. Between the two of us, we know more about Rosie than any two people on the planet.”

“I would have to agree with that,” Leah says.

“Not a problem,” Genevieve says.

“What’s good here?” Leah asks.

“What isn’t?” Esther says. “You pretty much can’t go wrong, observant or not.”

“How’s the beer?” Genevieve adds.

“You won’t be finding out,” Leah says. “I’m pretty sure they don’t want to lose their liquor license.”

“They do have non-alcoholic on tap,” Esther says. “It’s not bad. In fact, I’m having that myself.”

“Esther Gershon drinking non-alcoholic beer?” Leah says. “Now, I’ve heard everything.”

Esther shrugs. “Domesticity agrees with me. Who’d have thunk it?”

“Speaking of which, where is the lucky lady?”

“Hannah has a class. She’s teaching at Boston College. You’ll meet her Tuesday.”

The waitress comes over. Esther points to a non-alcoholic selection. “Me and the cub will have a pitcher of this. Leah?”

“Glass of Merlot.”

Once the waitress goes, Esther claps her hands together and says, “So, here’s the plan. Once we’ve decided on dinner, we’re going to spend the evening terrorizing Genevieve with all sorts of horror stories about her Mom, and she’ll fill us in on the later days of Rosalind Duchard. Sound like a plan?”

“Works for me,” Genevieve says. Leah nods.

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