Worthy Pursuit, Rachel Lawson

Rachel Lawson walks through the main terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, looking for a familiar face. She received a call from a colleague, Rhiannon Worthy, a few days ago, looking for a caregiver to assist her sister Rosalind, who’s dealing with end stage cancer. Rosalind has a teenaged daughter and Rhiannon stated a preference for … Continue reading Worthy Pursuit, Rachel Lawson

What Nature Intended 

  To someone trying to reason out why people behave the way they do, homosexuality may seem like an anomaly. Two men together or two women together cannot produce a child, and since the biological imperative for all creatures on earth seems to be to survive and procreate, homosexuality doesn't appear to play a role … Continue reading What Nature Intended 

One Woman Rising, Freedom Park, Atlanta, GA, 18 April 2013

This is a sculpture I encountered while walking through Freedom Park, 18 April 2013. The plaque accompanying it identified it as One Woman Rising. The plaque read: One Woman Rising Inspired by One Billion Rising, a global day of action calling for the end of violence against women and girls, this abstract sculpted dancing woman … Continue reading One Woman Rising, Freedom Park, Atlanta, GA, 18 April 2013