Author’s Intent: Fatigue

Recently, on Wednesdays, I’ve been publishing Real Bible Studies but this week, I’m taking a break. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m finishing up a month filled with many twelve hour work days, and I’m just not in a very creative mood right now. Plus, I have another writing project that’s been occupying my brain for a few weeks and it’s commanding a lion’s share of my focus. What little insight I have is devoted to it.

It’s a recurring problem for me sometimes, too much to write and not enough brain function to sustain it all. Often, I find when I don’t write it has less to do with not knowing what to write, but what to write first. I frequently juggle several projects, often to the detriment of all. Unfortunately, Worthy has fallen victim to this tendency as well, and while I’m starting to zero in on what I’m trying to accomplish with it, I’m still not getting words onto the page.

Still, I plan to continue chugging along as best as I can and hope for some sort of respite to allow me to recharge the batteries and get back on track. The ideas are still there, it’s just taking longer than I’d like to get them written. Perhaps, with a brief hiatus, I can get back to the grind. I’ll take a look around and see if I can find some interesting photos in the meantime. I rarely stop writing entirely, and a lot of times I just have to walk away from a project to get some distance to come back and view it with new insights.

So, I’ll say, to be continued.

One thought on “Author’s Intent: Fatigue

  1. I can relate not only in terms of writing, but in general. Often I have such a long to do list that I spend half an hour just worrying about it instead of actually doing anything.

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