Dead Parrots and Shows About Nothing 

Python, Seinfeld, and Absurdity People think of absurdity as someone acting irrationally, or strange things happening to an otherwise normal person, but often the heart of absurdity comes from people rationalizing behavior which defies explanation. My stock portfolio just tanked; now's the perfect time to buy more! Whenever our instincts conflict with our intellects, we're … Continue reading Dead Parrots and Shows About Nothing 

Ophelia and Hamlet

Note: This article has been updated and expanded in my essay collection The Cheese Toast Project, available in print from online bookstores, and in print and Kindle at Amazon. Modern stage interpretations of Hamlet place a great deal of emphasis on the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia, more so, perhaps, than Shakespeare himself intended. Some … Continue reading Ophelia and Hamlet

Real Bible Studies: Sodom and Gomorrah

So far in Genesis, we've been following the adventures of Biblical patriarch Abraham, but now it's time to return to his ne'er do well nephew Lot. When last we looked in on Lot, he'd just been captured by one of the four powers who fought against a coalition of five nations led by the King … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: Sodom and Gomorrah

Real Bible Studies: Leviticus

If the Ten Commandments were the basis for "the law" as defined by the ancient Israelites, then Leviticus is the nuts and bolts description of how to carry out the law. Like most law books, it's a very tedious book to read, spelling out, sometimes in minute detail, what each infraction is, and what sort … Continue reading Real Bible Studies: Leviticus

Oscar Wilde

I can't recall exactly when I first discovered Oscar Wilde's preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray, but I cannot think of a single piece of writing that's had more of an impact on my development as a writer. I have yet to find a more concise set of principles on art in general, and … Continue reading Oscar Wilde