Worthy, Part 16

Friday afternoon, Abigail goes to the Hyatt, where Jillian's conference is being held. Numerous participants are milling around the lobby in groups of varying size. A short while after she arrives, Abigail notes that an attractive, dark-haired woman in a light silk top and dark slacks has fixed her gaze on Abigail and heads toward … Continue reading Worthy, Part 16

Worthy, Part 15

When Rhiannon and Genevieve arrive, Abigail takes them by the rehearsal hall, where Neil's working on a new number for the band. After the introductions, Neil asks Genevieve, "Can you play a didgeridoo?" "A what?" Genevieve says. "It's an aboriginal instrument from Australia." "Why are you asking her about this?" Abigail says.  "I want to … Continue reading Worthy, Part 15