Yellow-Crested Night-Heron

Took this video on my first visit to Constitution Lake in Southwest Atlanta. I almost walked onto the deck without looking, which would most likely have scared it away, but fortunately, I caught sight of it in time. I could tell immediately it was some member of the heron family, but it took a search of my Audubon app to figure out exactly what it was. Visit my YouTube page for more videos like this.

Blue Heron, 24 April 2017, Chamblee, GA

I spent about fifteen minutes following a blue heron around a pond near my office this morning and making video clips, which I edited in iMovie. This is the finished product.

There’s been at least one, maybe multiple herons visiting the pond here for several years, but I’m not certain this is the same one I’ve encountered other times I took pictures or video. I believe there are at least two, maybe more, but they’re never here at the same time.

Blue Heron, Chamblee, GA, 13 April 2017

Some video of a blue heron hanging out at a pond in Chamblee, GA. I was using the zoom, but I still managed to get about five or six feet away while making the video.

I’m not sure if this is the same heron I normally see here. There’s a creek not far away, which is probably where it’s headed at the end.

There are also ducks and geese in the pond. The geese are mainly new this year, though there has been a gaggle of them hanging around the nearby Sam’s Club parking lot for a number of years. The swans have not been seen this year, so maybe these geese have taken their place for now.

Great Blue Heron, Chamblee, GA (Photos & Video)

There’s been a Great Blue Heron visiting a pond near where I work and I’ve had the opportunity to get some video and photos of it. I haven’t seen it the past few times I went over there this week, but one’s been dropping in there on occasion for a few years, so I’m sure one will be back at some point.

The first eight still photos are screen grabs from a couple of videos. Below the last video are a few close up photos and at the very bottom is some graphic art I created from a couple of photos.

These were originally posted on my Instagram account, gmatt63.

blue heron 06-06-16 08b

Blue Heron, Atlanta, GA, 1 April 2014

Blue Heron, Atlanta, GA, 1 April 2014, #1

The pond near my office complex on Clairmont Road is home to numerous ducks, a couple of swans, and depending on the season, Canadian geese. Every now and then, a blue heron shows up. Last April, I was fortunate enough to catch some photos of one.

Blue Heron, Atlanta, GA, 1 April 2014, #2Whenever one shows up, it usually hangs out for a few days, then disappears. I’m more likely to see one in the Spring and early Summer.

Blue Heron, Atlanta, GA, 1 April 2014, #3I see them at Stone Mountain a lot, but I’m always glad to see one drop by the local pond.

When I was in Myrtle Beach in October, I managed to catch an Egret, a close relative of the blue heron, in action. Here’s some video of that.