A Tale of Two Sisters, Vickie Rises

Vickie’s body lies in a heap in the alley, eyes open and staring into the darkness, blood from her neck wound forming a pool beneath her, and her face wearing the horrified look it bore during the attack. She had not heard her attacker’s taunt after he finished, nor had she noticed him standing a … Continue reading A Tale of Two Sisters, Vickie Rises

Coat of Arms, Ambrose Lupo and Sons

This is a graphic representation of the coat of arms issued to Ambrose Lupo (posthumously) and his sons, Peter and Joseph. Numerous copies are floating around the Internet, mistakenly identified as the Lupo family coat of arms, many with no attribution and some with erroneous information about how it originated. Here's the actual story. The … Continue reading Coat of Arms, Ambrose Lupo and Sons

The Lupos and Shakespeare

Note: This article has been updated and expanded in my essay collection Words Words Words available in print from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. My earliest known ancestor, Ambrose Lupo, was brought to England as part of an ensemble of string players around May of 1540 by Henry VIII. Some scholars believe this was in … Continue reading The Lupos and Shakespeare