Sol Invictus

To disseminate a new belief system, it's sometimes necessary to employ the trappings of an earlier system to help followers make the transition. The early Christian church realized that people were unwilling to give up their feasts and celebrations surrounding the Solstices and Equinoxes, so rather than force them, the Church redefined the celebrations to … Continue reading Sol Invictus

The Non-Intervening God 

My god, my god, why have you forsaken me? --Psalms 22, quoted by Jesus on the cross. Many years ago, I turned away from organized religion. It was not an easy decision on my part, and learning to live with that decision has been an ongoing process in my life ever since. When people speak … Continue reading The Non-Intervening God 

Notes on a New Religion

I regard myself as a non-theist, not because I reject the notion of an entity that, to humanity, would seem godlike, but because I reject a specific concept of how that entity manifests itself. I do not believe in a benevolent father-figure that's sitting on a throne watching over us and making sure everything turns … Continue reading Notes on a New Religion