A Soldier’s Story

My great-grandparents, James David and Sarah Ella (Harp) Lupo. In all probability, my great-grandfather had no memory of his father, who died in the Civil War at age 25, when my great-grandfather was three. Note: This essay has been updated and expanded in Words Words Words, available from online bookstores. An earlier draft appeared on … Continue reading A Soldier’s Story

Failing, to Succeed 

I have a saying, "Hank Aaron didn't hit a home run every time." It's my way of reminding myself that for every success, there are a thousand less than perfect outcomes. In fact, failure is much more common than success. The term "trial and error" best sums up the practice of implementing a strategy, observing … Continue reading Failing, to Succeed 

Atlanta After Dark, The Goat Farm, 12 March 2015

I had occasion to visit The Goat Farm on 12 March to see Klimchak perform CooksNotes, his show that combines music with cooking. The music and the food were excellent. While there, I took a few photos of the surrounding buildings. For those not familiar with The Goat Farm, it's a creative complex in a … Continue reading Atlanta After Dark, The Goat Farm, 12 March 2015

A Soldier’s Story

On the freezing morning of Sunday, 29 November 1863, Union soldiers defending Fort Sanders in Knoxville, Tennessee, leveled their rifles at advancing Confederate soldiers, and fired, killing or wounding more than eight hundred, and thus set in motion a chain of events that would lead to my birth, not quite a century later. One of … Continue reading A Soldier’s Story