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It is, perhaps, typically human to create the most advanced communication network ever devised then use it to download and view nude photos and sexually explicit videos. On a more sinister note, terrorist networks such as ISIL use the Internet to communicate quickly, and to recruit new members.

Communication Breakdown, Killing Babies

Words Words Words is a collection of essays, poems, and stories by G. M. Lupo which span four decades of writing. It documents his development as a poet, author, and essayist throughout college and into his professional life.

The machine whirred and dropped his selection but then, rather than giving Carlton his change, the machine spit out the dollar he’d put in. Carlton was taken aback by what had just happened and contemplated his next move very carefully. Assured in the reality of what he had just experienced, he put the dollar back into the machine and requested another Crumb Cake.

The Miracle of the Magic Dollar, Freedom and Consequence

The stories cover three main periods in his writing career, starting in college and graduate school, spanning his time as a user on Gather, and from his blog, Raised by Wolves, which he began in 2014. Most appear in a compilation he put together in 2015 entitled Freedom and Consequence. The poetry, which starts the volume, is from his high school and college days, and represents his earliest published writing.

Throughout history, and particularly in Shakespeare’s time, a woman in the lower gentry who became pregnant by a noble was often hastily married off to someone of her proper station to cover it up, and this would have been well-known to Shakespeare’s audience.

The Madness of Ophelia, Cheese Toast

The essays were posted to his blog in their earliest forms between 2014 and 2016 and most appeared in two compilations, The Cheese Toast Project in 2014 and Killing Babies in 2015. They cover subjects as diverse as politics, religion, genetics, history, and reminiscences about Atlanta.

It has been said that one learns more from failure than success. This is because one learns from failure, versus getting something right the first time. Failure causes one to evaluate what went wrong, to examine the process and make improvements, and to “try harder” on the next attempt. In the process the brain gets rewired, and changes in attitude and behavior happen that can’t be reversed.

Failing to Succeed, Cheese Toast

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The essays were my favorite… they all held my attention and were very entertaining.

Jean R. (Amazon reviewer)
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