Worthy, Savage Jam

For Thanksgiving, Alyssa and Tim host the family, including Rhiannon, who’s staying with them while visiting Abigail, at their home. It’s the first opportunity for Rhiannon to meet Leah, who she’d heard Rosalind speak of on numerous occasions. They spend more than an hour comparing stories, to the delight of Genevieve and Abigail, who contribute a bit, but mostly just listen.

The day after, Gloria’s family puts on a jam at their house, and Abigail, Genevieve, and their entourage are all invited. Rhiannon is anxious for the opportunity to see Rachel again, and to meet the Savages and others Abigail has gotten to know in town. The music starts at one in the afternoon and by then, the house is full, with several performance areas inside and out.

“This is quite a production,” Rhiannon says.

“They’ve been doing it for years,” Abigail says. “It took me a while to get oriented the first time I was here. So much to see and hear.”

“I can imagine.”

Ishmael and Midori are there with their families and perform a few songs in the living room and on the main stage situated on the back porch. They also join in with other groups inside and out.

Steven arrives with his father, Owen, who takes an interest in Rhiannon, particularly after he learns she’s from Seattle.

“I’m in Tacoma,” Owen says. “We’re practically neighbors.”

When she has a moment, Rhiannon corrals Rachel for a rundown of her attitude toward her former brother-in-law and afterward is very careful in how she responds to Owen’s advances. She eventually agrees to meet him for drinks before they leave town if they can, or once they return home otherwise.

Around four, Charlotte and Brian do several songs as Echo. Near the end of their set, Charlotte says, “We’re going to do a couple of old favorites, Reach Out and You Are Worthy and I’m going to ask some young ladies to join us. We know them as Abby and Glo, but ya’ll may have heard of their group, Worthy Savage. If not, you will, I guarantee.”

Following their performance with Echo, at Charlotte’s request, Abigail and Gloria begin to harmonize with Genevieve accompanying them on violin. Prudence starts tapping out a beat on a tambourine with her drumsticks and Midori grabs her flute and joins in. The crowd response is very positive which prompts them to do several more songs. Afterward, Prudence says, “I think we’ve just started a new group.”

“What should we call ourselves?” Gloria says.

Genevieve jumps up. “How about Bitches Crystal?”

“Where’d you get that?” Abigail says, without much enthusiasm.

“It’s an Emerson, Lake, and Palmer song. On Tarkus. Papa listened to the album a lot.”

Midori likes the idea, but otherwise the suggestion meets with a tepid response.

“Sleep on it,” Genevieve suggests.

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