Worthy, Regan, Parisian Journal, 16 January 1964

Bonjour de Paris, Petite Soeur!

Since this is our first extended time apart, I have decided to chronicle every important moment in this journal that I can’t include in my letters home — since I know Mother and Father will see them — to share with you upon my return.

I will confess that I am quite daunted at the prospect of striking out on my own without the stabilizing effect of our talks with one another, though I am anxious to see where my flights of fancy lead me without your rational perspective to ground me.

We have just landed, and I am awaiting transportation to the hostel where I’ll be staying overnight.


Ever since boarding the plane, I have felt this incredible energy surging through me and I have been quite annoyed that we are confined by the limits of the transportation system, since in my mind, I am already strolling the streets of Paris instead of awaiting my bags at the airport like some common tourist and not the recipient of a prestigious artistic award but I am pleased to report that my apprehensions at flying melted away once we were airborne, and I’m happy I decided on a window seat although the girl beside me kept leaning over to see out and I’m disappointed that we did not have much of a layover in New York and once I hooked up with my chaperone, she kept a tight rein on me, so I did not have the opportunity to explore, but, Little Sis, the flight to France was amazing! Miles and miles of nothing but ocean, and the sky was beautiful and as we were landing, I got a full overview of the City of Lights, though it was mid-afternoon, so no lights but I did glimpse the Eiffel Tower and that was my first treat.

TOMORROW, Little Sis!!!

Tomorrow is orientation day at the school where I’ll receive my room, meet my roommate, and decide on curriculum for the semester.

Once I’ve rested a bit and if I can ditch out on the chaperone, I plan to fully immerse myself in the sights and sounds of this glorious city and so you may expect a full accounting with my next entry, Little Sis!

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