Castor, Makepeace, & Pollux: Leah and Kristian

16 April 2011: Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia

After their initial meeting with Kristian Makepeace, Leah and Steven follow her into the reception area where a man with Down Syndrome is waiting. When he sees Kristian, he waves.

“Hey, Krissie!”

“Jimmy,” Kristian says as she goes to hug him. With her arm around his shoulder she guides him to Leah and Steven. “Leah Walker and Steven Asher, this is my brother, James Makepeace.”

“I’m Jimmy,” he says as he shakes their hands. “Asher. Do you know Becky?”

“That’s my sister’s name,” Steven says. “How did you know her?”

“I used to deliver Creative Loafing to the bins around town,” he says. “I did some work around the office, too.”

“Steven is going to be taking over as your attorney,” Kristian tells Jimmy.

“Good deal,” Jimmy says. “What’s Rodney going to do?”

“He’s going to be working on some International accounts,” Kristian says. She indicates a suite of offices. “His office is right this way.”

She leads Steven and Jimmy to Rodney’s office with Leah trailing them and makes the introductions. Then she says to Leah, “My office is straight ahead.”

They enter a corner office with a view of downtown Atlanta.

“So, do we really have much more to discuss as far as representation is concerned?” Kristian says. “I think we’ve covered why we’re the best fit for your situation.”

“Yes, you’ve done a very comprehensive job on that. I’m very impressed. I’m particularly gratified that you’re willing to work with Steven. Tracey was skeptical he’d have a very big role off the bat, but it sounds like you’re tossing him into the deep end.”

“That’s how I operate, Doctor. It gives him a chance to prove himself sooner.”

“I think we know one another well enough now to dispense with the formalities. Call me Leah.”

“Kristian,” she replies. “Jimmy’s the only one who can get away with calling me Krissie anymore.”

“How’d you end up as the managing partner here?”

“Strings. Castor was an old drinking buddy of my father’s.”

“Yeah. Mine, too. I’m surprised our paths haven’t crossed before now. We seem to know a lot of the same people.”

“I’m here most of the time,” Kristian says. “Crafting the firm in my own image takes lots of effort.”

“I’ve been accused of being a workaholic myself.”

“All that remains is for you to give the stamp of approval and we can conclude our business and move on to when and where we’re going to have dinner.”

“It will take more than my signature to finalize things, but Tracey and Roscoe like what they saw online and in the packets you sent, so that’s really just a formality.”

“Splendid. Are you much into sushi? There’s a new place that just opened near Lenox that’s getting great reviews.”

“I know just the place you’re talking about. Don’t they have a waiting list?”

“Sure, if you don’t represent their holding company.”

Leah shakes her head. “Is there anything you’re not confident about?”

“You haven’t exactly said yes.”

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